Core CPD

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Core CPD: Radiography

CPD verifiable hours: 1h00 Learning Outcomes By the end of the session the learner will have an increased understanding of the new Guidance Notes and where to look for more in depth information Aims: To appreciate radiation as it is used in dental radiography and the regulations. We will consider the ways in which the dental team can …

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Core CPD: Legal and Ethical issues

Legal & Ethical Issues  CPD verifiable hours: 1h30 Learning outcomes:  To be able to confidently apply the fundamental standards in our everyday work and life Aims: Discuss what legal and ethical issues are and how it applies to us in dentistry Objectives: Discuss the 9 principles of the GDC Apply confidentiality, consent and raising concerns discuss …

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Core CPD: Infection control

CPD verifiable hours: 2 Learning outcomes: To up to date with the latest infection prevention and control procedures  Aims: Look at the current guidance with regards to infection prevention and control and the methodologies behind it.  Objectives: Think about immunisationsLook at the chain of infection and how to break it Appreciate the ways in which we can clean day to …

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Core CPD: Level 2 Child Protection and Safeguarding Adults at Risk

Level 2 Child Protection and Safeguarding Adults at Risk   CPD verifiable hours: 1h45 Learning outcomes: To give the delegate more confidence when it comes to spotting signs of abuse and where to report it Aims: Safeguard the children and potential adults at risk in your care Objectives: Look at current statistics on child protection and adults …

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